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Elsa Carolina Muņoz is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Art Center / South Florida


Elsa Carolina Muņoz will exhibit at Showtel '08 in West Palm Beach in April.


Elsa Carolina Muņoz has been accepted into the NY Drawing Center's Viewing Program Artist Registry.


Elsa Carolina Muņoz exhibited in ZONES Art Fair Miami, 06


Elsa Carolina Muņoz exhibited in Indian Creek Hotel Exhibition.



My work is a reflection of life. It focuses on moments of everyday living, discovery, and aspects of societal interactions.  Through the use of cast-off and natural materials, I explore instances, visions, concepts and the idea of recycling (or as I like to call it, the rebirth of the material), by giving the medium a 'new life'.
My work is realized in different ways; by experimentation, chance, coincidences and destiny. At times, I begin a piece through spontaneous experimentation with a material in order to give the media a 'new life'. As I do this, I search for the energy of the medium so that it can transcend.  At other times, I approach my work with a specific concept in mind and then through my daily life, I search for a specific type of material that will 'come my way' to best communicate the idea, sometimes this approach can take months or years. 
I am inclined to derive inspiration from my experiences in both the physical and natural world, "I am I plus my circumstances" and recurrent themes in my works are the idea of the cycle of life and the interconnectedness of everything and everyone on earth.
My recent works are photographic images that are drawings, studies of light. Sketches really. Unaltered, they are true depictions of explorations of movement where the record becomes the object. It is very important for me to maintain the images as they are, spontaneous drawings so the images are never digitally manipulated.


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